Each wine is unique: it is an agricultural product with numerous characteristics.

The long tradition of French wines has been controlled by strict regulations, which supervise the soil, the vine variety and limit the production. Thus the originality of each region is protected.

The quality of a vintage is partially determined by the work carried out by man, the choice of the wine-making techniques and the ageing process of the wine.

  • The tasting remains the only means to appreciate a wine and to respect both the labour and the patience of the Producer and it is difficult art, requiring a great deal of practise. It is subject to certain rules:
    – it is necessary to taste wines in quiet and odourless places.
    – Take the time required to appreciate it.
    – when the first wine we taste, so do not judge it because the first taste helps to “make” the mouth not to be influenced by the resulting flavors of what we eat or drink before.
    Respecting these different rules allows us to make our selection with the necessary respect for the wine.