Marie-Louise Baronnat « Mrs Baronnat »


Mrs Baronnat, it was so that all employees of the company called her.
In the history of the house Baronnat, you will not find his name though, without it, this house would not be what it is.
Indeed, Marie-Louise Baronnat, wife of Jean Baronnat was his right arm. She was in charge of the administration of the company: orders, pricing, billing, procurement, accounting, deliveries …. Mrs. Baronnat was still there, in his office at the back of the family house, then in the new premises . She was suitable to all changes,  also to computer during more than sixty years!
Of course, for some years, it was no longer as present in the office but until last year, she spent every day to say hello.
And during all these years, Marie-Louise Baronnat educated her four children – my three sisters and I – since she was my mom.

Jean-Jacques Baronnat  
the 29th of mai 2006