The search of quality wines…



To propose good quality wines, it is necessary year after year to look for the best vintage. A year follows the other one, but is different, and we need to proceed for every harvest to numerous tastings for choose the vintage of the year. It can arise from a single cellar or result from a blend of differents wines : the reason is the quest of the best flavour and the best balance for each wine.

Every year, it is a question of renewing a complex and very unpredictable work
There are naturally numerous quality productions, but every year implies its part of problems: spring frosts(jellies), development of diseases of the vineyard which affect the harvest, the uneven ripening or still thunderstorm of hail.

The main difficulty of our work is to avoid these stumbling blocks to choose a high-quality vintage. We have to make our selection according to these data.

Ourc hoice is made only with the qualitative criteria  and it happens that we modify our selections  according to the result of our tasting.
All our efforts are regularly recognized and celebrated by the guides of wines and the specialist publications, but the biggest of our rewards is in the confidence which grant us our customers as well as their loyalty.